About Us

The Bodhi Tree Studio is a former old school house which has now been converted into a beautiful space for practicing Yoga, Meditation and Pilates seven days per week. Our spacious studio is complimented with natural light and original features which creates the perfect setting to allow to you to relax and switch off from the busyness of everyday life.

Our Classes

The majority of our classes will be heated to a moderate heat of 32º, however our timetable will also include some Non-Hot Classes with a great variety of styles of Yoga suitable for everyone at all different levels.


From increasing flexibility to reducing stress, Hot Yoga can have lots of benefits to the mind and body some of these include:


  • Improving sleep quality and life sense of well being
  • Detoxification which will benefit the immune system and improve energy levels
  • Weight loss
  • Increase your physical fitness and range of motion through muscle strength and flexibility
  • Benefits to heart health as pulse rate and blood pressure are improved, decreasing your risk of heart disease
  • Boost bone density as weight bearing exercises such as Yoga improve bone growth, this could be an important factor in avoiding osteoporosis