Beginners Yoga

Start your Yoga journey in the Bodhi Tree's nurturing and supportive environment. You will practice alongside those of similar ability and learn the fundamental Yoga poses, their names and correct alignment. You will learn basic Yoga techniques and grasping knowledge of a host of energising breathing exercises. At the beginners Yoga Class you will increase flexibility, range of movement, opening your mind, developing your Yoga knowledge and building confidence.


(The Bodhi Tree runs beginners courses regularly throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled for new beginners courses and other opportunities.)

Warm Dynamic Yoga

The Bodhi Tree’s state of the art inferred heaters are heated to a modest temperature encouraging your muscles to lengthen and the perspiration to blissfully drip your forehead. This rich, imaginative, challenging, movement class welcomes experienced ‘Yogi’s’ and holds a space that welcomes budding novices alike. Learn the importance of spinal health, joint care and breathing while celebrating moving fluidly in The Bodhi Tree’s amazing, bright and spacious studio space.


Are you looking to strengthen, lengthen and sculpt your body?


Ballet inspired moves with a flavour of Pilates that will challenge the complete body. Creating long lean muscles which with tone your legs, core and arms. Stretch and flex your way through a 45 minute class working with the barre to really "feel the burn!"


A fusion of Yoga and Pilates, with the emphasis on working from the core, building strength, flexibility,  balance and endurance in both the body and the mind. A practice for those looking for rehabilitation to help build support in the body to prevent injuries or imbalances in the body.

Flow Yoga

Vinyasa means ‘placing awareness.’ Open to all levels this fun, intense, dynamic and flowing class is taught in the heated room helping to perform a much deeper stretch. Expect intelligent, choreographed sequences to music. An exhilarating, liberating class that will make you feel physically content and emotionally satisfied.


Ashtanga is a vigorous system of Yoga developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009). At this class you will be guided through a short form of the Primary series. An increasingly challenging series of postures that link breath with dynamic movement, building strength, flexibility and focus. Ashtanga translates as “eight limbs” which is the yogic path to enlightenment described by the great sage Patanjali in his seminal text the Yoga Sutras.


As you synchronise your breath with this flowing sequence and become familiar with the Ashtanga series, your mind will move into a meditative and calm state while your body becomes stronger and more mobile.

Forrest Yoga (Inspired)

An inspiring, grounding and deeply healing Yoga practice. Guided by the breath, this intelligent sequencing will build your flexibility and strength while relieving tension.


Expect to work with postures unique to Forrest Yoga, breathe deep, hold the poses for that tad bit longer, release stress and truly connect to yourself with compassion, interest and fierce medicine. Suitable for those working with injuries, it is a therapeutic practice both emotionally and physically.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a traditional form of Yoga that is focused primarily on the physical body. Conditioning the physical body but specifically the spine and the internal organs. Hatha Yoga means stubborn, to try and try again. Building strength, stamina and suppleness in the body.


By conditioning the physical body we give rise to internal conditioning.


Starting with dynamic movement in the form of sun salutations, of which warm up the body and develop stamina. Then moving on to a series of comfortable, steady, held postures, developing strength and suppleness.


Ending the class with a deep relaxation.


A practice to balance physical, mental and emotional health.


This class is an open class where all level are welcome and encouraged to join, variations of the postures will be given dependant on your experience and capabilities. There is room to grow at your own pace in an environment that feels safe and nurturing to your individual needs.